Andre A. Yap   
Founder & CEO
Ignite House

I wrote the Ignite Manifesto one fine day in January 2018. In 20 blinding, breathtaking minutes. It was a prayer, handed down, gifted, entrusted. It has become, not mine but my team’s. And we are clear what for. Not to preach, but to make it come alive in everyone we touch.

Thus, from prayer, our Ignite Manifesto has become, above all, an Operating System. A a way of living, being, behaving, impacting. As all prayer should be: a force for good and for real in daily life.

That’s what we mean when say O/S (Operating System) – the Ignite Manifesto seeks to operationalize everyday Greatness in every person, team, venture and organization we Ignite.  

Ignite House is in the business of innovation and venture capital and this Manifesto is at the heart of everything we do.

This Manifesto is why we exist uniquely at the nexus of corporate, innovation, venture capital and igniting human beings to their greatest potential.

To many thousands of professionals who experience the Manifesto, they call it, simply: GPS.


At Ignite, we know these to be true:

First, that I am gifted with my own Genius –
unique, unrepeated and unrepeatable
for all time.

Second, that my singular Genius bears
the thumbprint of Who I Am and Why I am Here.

Genius points to Purpose, Purpose to Genius.

Third, that I can only give out
of what I have been given.
And what I have been given,
I must give and live for others.

Genius finds its fullness in Service –
a Purpose bigger than self.

Fourth, that if I am honest and brave,
my Genius and Purpose will find
their manifest call in a shared Mission –
with others, for others.

A Mission rooted in finding
that particular slice of humanity
whose particular pains
I am particularly gifted
(and compelled!) to heal.

Fifth, that shared Mission
leads naturally to Collaboration.

Shared Mission demands
Shared Genius: mine, yours, ours.

If we are a collection of our own Genius –
each unique, unrepeated, unrepeatable –
where then can we go, but to Innovation.

We Ignite, therefore, not just for self,
but for each other.

Because what we are born to do,
we are born to do with others
and for others.

We need each other’s Genius.
And far beyond Genius,
we need each other to be on this journey,
to fulfill this necessary progression:
from a sense of our own individual
Genius, Purpose, and Service (GPS)
toward shared Mission and Collaboration,
and ultimately, to Innovation and Impact.

This is the path of transcendence.

This is how we lift each other
to heights we never in our wildest dreams,
or loftiest ambitions, dared.