@Harvard Business Review by Hubert Joly
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“This crisis gives business leaders the opportunity to lead from the front. From those I’ve talked to and what I’m seeing, I’m hopeful. As they’re confronting this crisis, leaders should be asking themselves: Are you spending enough time taking care of yourself, e.g., by meditating, so that you can be the best version of yourself leading others? What actions are you taking to help the people around you? How will you measure your own performance? How do you want your leadership from this time to be remembered?”

Hubert Joly shares his insights from discussions with other CEOs and executives, while also drawing on his past experiences as former CEO of Best Buy and Carlson to understand what these leaders are doing to lead effectively through the uncertainty brought by Covid-19. Leading with purpose and humanity has become a common practice among all of these leaders, a practice that we at Ignite wholeheartedly believe in too. Helping you to lead with purpose and humanity is what our Peak and Customer Centricity Restart Streams (PEAK/X and CHI/X) strive for.