@Harvard Business Review by Tiziana Casciaro, Amy C. Edmondson, Sujin Jang
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“In today’s economy everyone knows that finding new ways to combine an organization’s diverse knowledge is a winning strategy for creating lasting value. But it doesn’t happen unless employees have the opportunities and tools to work together productively across silos. To unleash the potential of horizontal collaboration, leaders must equip people to learn and to relate to one another across cultural and logistical divides. The four practices we’ve just described can help…

Not only is each one useful on its own in tackling the distinct challenges of interface work, but together these practices are mutually enhancing: Engaging in one promotes competency in another…

Over time these practices—none of which require advanced degrees or deep technical smarts—dissolve the barriers that make boundary-crossing work so difficult. When leaders create conditions that encourage and support these practices, collaboration across the interface will ultimately become second nature.”


If there is one thing these internationally renowned professors want us to learn, it’s that the silo mentality limits the potential of an entire organization: potential has to be maximized in order to find success and sustainability in a competitive business world of constant innovation and growth. Ignite’s Collaboration Growth Stream is dedicated to this challenge, and we believe that empowering people to collaborate based on their individual strengths, aspirations, and needs develops their potential and effectively breaks the silos that prevent sustainable collaboration.