@Harvard Business Review by Ted Waldron & James Wetherbe
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With the right customer-centric attitude and an awareness of what people need right now, companies can emerge from this crisis having strengthened their relationships with customers. Give consumers your HEART during this difficult time. It will cultivate long-lasting goodwill with past customers and help ensure they will stay with you in the future.

Waldron and Wetherbe, both professors at Texas Tech’s College of Business with nearly 70 years of combined experience in business practice, research, and education, challenge us to Humanize our company, Educate about change, Assure stability, and Revolutionize offerings in order to Tackle the future. In other words, give customers your heart during such trying times! The HEART framework aligns with Ignite’s Customer-Centricity Restart Stream (CHI/X) which provides the right customer-centric practices that can help your organization during Covid-19 and into the new normal.