@Springer by Carlos Rey, Pablo Cordona, Nick Craig
[16-Minute Read]

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“Today, an increasing number of successful companies around the world are experiencing a major change in the way they understand leadership. From the traditional leader at the top model, they are moving toward a paradigm whereby leadership is distributed throughout the entirety of the firm.

Challenging the vertical notion of the traditional leadership models, the essence of purpose-driven leadership is presented in three undertakings: Discovering your leadership purpose, helping others to discover their purpose, and connecting personal and organizational purpose. These three are the same for all levels of the company and are exercised in all directions (top-down, horizontal, bottom-up).”


The professors encourage abandoning the hierarchal norms of leadership, because everyone can be a leader in their own way. They encourage the “leader of leaders” to help each individual actualize their personal purpose in means that bring out the leader in them.

At its core, Ignite’s Genius, Purpose, and Service Growth Stream (PEAK/X) is an internal navigation system for where, how and why people achieve their greatest potential while using their gifts and passions to spark growth. Nurturing the leadership potential of each employee while aligning their personal passions and gifts towards a collective endeavor will bring out the greatest in every employee.