@Springer by Carlos Rey, Juan Almandoz, and Alex Montaner
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“Reflecting on the purpose of one’s work can be a highly rewarding and inspiring exercise that helps to harmonize the purpose of the individual with that of the organization, resulting in greater job satisfaction and quality of work. However, experience shows that often one’s purpose tends to weaken over time, running the risk of being forgotten altogether when not properly nurtured. Based on the three dimensions of purpose – knowledge, motivation, and action – this work proposes a framework on how to sustain personal purpose at work, increasing meaningfulness, focus, and effectiveness. Six process for purpose development are presented: self-knowledge, self-awareness, motivation plan, action plan, habit development, and emotional management.”


These Spanish B-School professors echo what we’ve been, not just saying, but operationalizing in Ignite: nurturing personal purpose and operationalizing its practice across an organization is just as, if not more important, than nurturing organizational purpose.

It makes sense. To bring out the best version of your organization, your employees must first learn to bring out the best in themselves as individuals. At Ignite, one of our foundations of Growth is how Genius, Purpose, and Service (GPS) becomes an internal navigation system for where, how, and why people will pour out their very best selves. There is a science to Purpose that can be operationalized, measured, and scaled.