@Harvard Business Review by Scott Goodson, Ali Demos, & Charles Dhanaraj
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In such an unprecedented and uncertain time, purpose will lead the way towards more clarity for organizations during and after this crisis. While the main focus of this article concerns organizational purpose, don’t forget the value of your personal purpose too. Purpose is a staple of Ignite’s beliefs, and you can see it in action through our PEAK/X Restart Stream, driven by people who unleash their full potential through the continuous discovery and application of their gifts and abilities, thereby advancing their organization’s mission.

“When business as usual is impossible, it’s the perfect time to ask: What might business possible, business next, business better look like? What might business with purpose accomplish? The challenge for leaders now is to steer colleagues and associates from business panic to brand purpose. Indeed, (re)activating your purpose can provide stability to your people and forward momentum for your business. Here’s what that might look like.”